Friday, 9 March 2018

PB4L:Expectations while in the toilets-Fe'ao

WALT:Use our information into a DLO(Digital Learning Object)Today we were learning about what we should do while in the toilets, you guys think why are we doing this? Because some kids don't know how to use the toilets well. So here's my DLO. Hope you enjoy reading what I have done!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tai Chi Reflection-Fe'ao

Hi everybody here's the link to my powtoon about my learning of Tai Chi(lesson 2)WALT:Reflect on what we have done in Tai Chi.I hope you enjoy watching it! And comment on it too! The reason why I put the link there because I didn't know how to put a powtoon on my blog so I went to ask others around me but they tried but they couldn't so that's why I put the link over here! 

Vanilla Muffins-Fe'ao

WALT: cook new things that we have never tried before and getting the learn how to cook also! And I hope you enjoy reading what I have learnt in Technology so far!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Technology Reflection-Fe'ao

This is my Technology Reflection of how you can make Fruit Salad! It was fun and enjoyable! And here's the link to my Reflection! Hope you guys will enjoy reading it! And also comment on my blog if I made any mistakes or anything like that. Thank you!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Tai Chi and Kung Fu-Fe'ao

Last week in Wednesday the 14th the year 7 and 8 students were learning about Tai Chi. If you guys don't know what is Tai Chi is it's basically like Kung Fu. It was the coolest thing I'v done in fighting stuff! Well I hope you enjoy reading it!   

Kiwi Sports-Fe'ao

On Monday the 19th of February,

We played tennis with a guy who came to our school from kiwi sports. He told us to buddy up with someone. After that he told us to each line up with our buddy. But one of our buddy has to go the opposite way.This game was challenging for me because the instructor has to say some random words then when he say BALL we have to grab the ball in front of use as fast as possible! I would always try to take the ball but my buddy always fast! And that is why that is a challenge for me by always moving fast! He told us to go to a net where a tennis racket is. After that he told us what we have to do. So see where your buddy is one of your buddy has to throw each ball to you and you have to hit it back to them. So now we are going to start! There were not much nets there so we had to take turns like one of there buddy go first then the other buddies go! what I really enjoyed is this game that we did there. It's something like this the guy who came to our school has cards and with those cards he picks up one and if it says 10 diamonds we have to go to the nets and hit 10 balls over the net!
I hope you enjoyed reading what I have did in kiwi sports!     

Thursday, 1 February 2018

School Values-My Goals

Today I had to write about what should I do when it comes to school values.The reason why we had to write about it because school values are one of the main things about tamaki. And also being a student leader this year. So this is my DLO hope you enjoy it!